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Career Background: CV

I am  a Namibian dancer and choreographer. In 2008 I graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Diploma in Dance Teaching and an Honors Degree in Choreography. Since then I have prepared numerous choreographic works for the National Theatre of Namibia, Bank Windhoek Arts Festival and College of The Arts (Windhoek, Namibia).  In 2010 along with fellow Namibian dancers, I started First Rain Dance Theatre (FRDT), while fully operational FRDT did community outreach work by training young dancers and employing them on a freelance basis.
I was the assistant Choreographer for the Namibian Annual Music Awards for 3 years and won Best Supporting Actor in a Theatre Play during the 2012 Namibia National Film and Theatre Awards. From 2017 to 2018 I served on the Executive Committee of the Windhoek International Dance Festival, and in 2019 was selected to be the main choreographer for the Namibian Annual Music Awards. I am currently on sabbatical from my job as  dance lecturer at the College of the Arts in Windhoek, Namibia where I  teach Contemporary Dance, Choreography and Dance Teaching Method.

In Sept 2019 I enrolled as a full time student at UCLA in the MFA program.


Currently: Active Choreographer, Arts Educator in Windhoek, Namibia
2022: Graduated at University of California, Los Angeles with M.F.A degree
2022: Created mask-Q-line: der Tisch 
2019-2022: Full-time student at UCLA pursuing M.F.A

2019:  Choreographer for NAMAs (Namibian Annual Music Awards) 
2018 : Attended Culture Summit Abu Dhabi 2018
Training in Acongy Technique at L’Ecole des Sables, Senegal 

2017:  Performed “The Art of Broken Pieces” at Harare International Festival of the Arts Created original Choreography entitled “ Land” for Da-Mâi Dance Ensemble 
2016: Created and performed: “The Art of Broken Pieces” an original choreography performed at Baxter Dance Festival in Cape Town 
2015: Assistant - Choreographer for Namibian Annual Music Awards 
2014: Choreographed: “Anima” a critically acclaimed choreography for First Rain Dance Theatre 
Full-time Employment at The College of the Arts: teaching contemporary dance, dance teaching method and choreography.
Assistant - Choreographer for Namibian Annual Music Awards 

2013:  Choreographer for Namibian Production of Mamma Mia entitled ”Memme Mia” 
Training with Alfred Hinkel ex-artistic director of JazzArt Dance Theatre (South Africa) 
2012: Choreographer: Bank Windhoek Arts Festival
Say Shibboleth: Flagship production of the 2011 Bank Windhoek Arts Festival Assistant - Choreographer for Namibian Annual Music Awards 

2010:  Choreographer, director and lighting designer for the Namibian 20th Independence Celebrations. 
The Creation: A major musical commissioned by the Namibian Government to celebrate 20th Independence Anniversary. 
Producer, Choreographer and Dancer: National Theatre of Namibia (NTN). 
Passion Fruit: A dance production dealing with different romantic experiences in contemporary Namibia. 
Choreographer: Bank Windhoek Arts Festival: Voete van ‘n Gemsbok: An Afrikaans musical and drama production based on choral music. 
Choreographer:  Franco Namibian Cultural Centre: Gatekeeper
Create independent Dance Company First Rain Dance Theatre Part-time Employee of College of the Arts 
2009:  Choreographer and Dancer, Collaborative work with Spanish Choreographer Fernando Hurtardo. 
In Between Two Souls: The theme of this dance production was Violence Against Women. 
Choreographer, NTN Holiday School Program: 
Art Beat: A holiday school program to introduce arts to high school learners. The program consists of three main disciplines: Dance, Music and Drama. 
2008:  During 2008 I did various freelance projects for different commercial companies. I spent most of my first year after returning from university scouting for opportunities. 
2007: During my Honours year at the UCT, I co-produced and choreographed a dance production, Rhythm and Dance, for the NTN in Windhoek during my winter holiday. In Cape Town I produced my first mayor work with Jazz Art, entitled In Between Shadows, which I redeveloped in 2009. 
2006: Dancer for the Cape Town Opera in their production of Porgy and Bess, which also had a three week run in Sweden. 

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